TED talk – The Power of Vulnerability

“Connection is why we are here.  It gives meaning and purpose to all our lives”

“When you ask people about belonging they’ll tell you the most excruciating experiences of being excluded”


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TED talk – Mining Literature for Deeper Meanings

In a short talk of less than 5 minutes Amy E Harter explains how to figure out the deeper meanings contained in literature.  Take a look; what have you got to lose?


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Additional Materials – Comics

If you are searching for additional materials and like something a little quirky then take a look at the comics written by Nicki Greenberg on her site http://www.nickigreenberg.com/comics.shtml.  The comics are populated by strange and delightful creatures and sad little zombies yet still convey the universal notions of fitting in at school, adapting to a new family and the promise of belonging offered by “spiritual” groups.  Each tale has an unexpected and humorous twist.

Social Networks and Belonging

See Sophie and hear her talk about her online presence – she photoshops the images of herself before putting them in facebook.  View the Triple J Hack Half Hour – click here.


Marketing, Cults and Belonging

“People, whether they are joining a cult or joining a brand do so for exactly the same reasons, they need to belong and they need to make meaning…”

Sense of Self and the Brain

In this video, brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor describes the impact of stroke damage to the left hand side of the brain.  The left brain is responsible for the sense of “self”.  She received a standing ovation for this 18 minute talk and was listed in Time Magazine’s Top 100 World’s most influential people 2008.


Additional Materials – Guggenheim YouTube Selection

Browse the Guggenheim YouTube selections for additional materials.  23000 videos were submitted from 91 countries, 25 were chosen.  My pick: Bathtub IV (is it real?)

The ultimate YouTube playlist: a selection of the most unique, innovative, groundbreaking video work being created and distributed online during the past two years.

Skrzynecki Essay from the Griffith Review

I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot today with this essay from the Griffith Review written by Peter Skrzynecki.  The 6th issue of the Griffith Review also contains a brilliant introduction discussing global village and belonging.

“Of course, I am an Australian citizen and there is a piece of paper, a citizenship certificate, to prove that, as well as a passport. I feel an affinity to Australia like to no other country and would not live anywhere else. And yet, and yet, at the strangest times, a feeling stirs in the bones, in the blood, and memories of Europe emerge, memories that exist irrespective of time or where I am at the moment, and I know that I was born somewhere else and that place will always exist for me as a source of inspiration.”

Skrzynecki, P. Two wives in Krakow and a house in Treptow. GriffithREVIEW Issue 6: Our Global Place

Download a pdf of the essay here.

Belonging – An Indigenous Perspective

Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stockroute is an exhibition at the National Museum that explains the powerful notion of belonging to family and to place for the Aboriginal people of the Canning Stockroute in Western Australia.  Their art is more than just image; it is story, spirit and connection to the land.

This was where our people got together as one, along these wells. Our grandfathers too. They was all as one people, don’t matter [that they they’re from] different tribes. They came here, stay for a while, and then go back home.Patrick Olodoodi (Alatuti) Tjungurrayi, Kilykily (Well 36), 2007


Blind Melon and Belonging

I can’t resist adding this link to Blind Melon’s “No Rain”. click here  to view the video and to see how it fits with one idea of belonging.